Hard Goodbyes

Good morning!

As I write this in the passenger seat of my grandma’s car returning from a GLORIOUS holiday in Sarigerme – Turkey (which no doubt you will hear all about in the coming weeks), I realise that I haven’t kept my promise of posting more frequently; hopefully you’ll understand why by the time you’ve finished reading this post.

I’ve not been able to talk about this much until now, but at the end of last month we very suddenly lost our beautiful baby girl Storm and I can tell you that it is one of the worst feelings in the world.

The house isn’t the same without her and we all dearly miss that helicopter tail hitting us repeatedly as we come in from work/school. I miss watching her chase the ball, enjoy a paddle in the rivers and ponds of our lovely forest walks, but mostly I miss cuddles on the sofa before bed and I just know everyone feels the same. We didn’t just lose our pet, we lost a family member.

There are so many lovey memories, it’s hard to know which ones to post but I’ve selected a few that mean a lot to me…

The world has lost two wonderful canines in the last twelve months, our lovely old girl Storm and a special little Westie named Ted. I just feel blessed to have known and loved them both.

To all the pets lost, we love you 💛

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