Yesterday was wonderful. My morning was spent singing and dancing around the kitchen; if nothing else I think I managed to entertain my family with all the theatrics.

Show business aside, the primary reason for spending such a long time in the kitchen was that I decided to bake an Easter cake with Logan. It was super fun and the cake is very yummy, although I am feeling awfully guilty about how much of it we will inevitably polish off before the weekend is through. To be honest the last week has been a bit of a binge and I’m starting to feel groggy… vegetables tomorrow please!

In order to make up for my sinful diet this past week and simultaneously take advantage of the weather, I roped Logan into a little outdoor exercise. Logan has serve scoliosis and since his consultant has decided that surgery is too risky, mum and I have been trying to think of ways we can keep him moving to build up the muscles with the view to hopefully take some strain off of his spine.

So, this marks the day that Logan’s yoga journey begins. We’ve jumped head first into this and I’m really interested in getting him comfortable with the basics and me confident in leading him. Sitting out on a sherbet lemon sheet, in the fairy garden surrounded by budding flowers and plants, with Sun beating down through the lilac… the conditions really allowed us to start Logan’s initiation into Earthly connection perfectly.

I found such joy leading him in the basic breathing and movement of yoga and although I am a long way off of even being ‘good’ at yoga, I hope I continue my practice and help a few other people during my own personal journey.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life’s direction and what it is that I want out of the world and my time here on this Earth. The only thing that I can be completely certain of is my desire to see as much as possible. I want to travel to every corner of this astonishing planet. I dream of culture, glassy lakes and crystal oceans to dive into, sun-soaked meadows to sleep in and forests to run through barefoot. I want to wash off in natural pools and dry in the hot sun. I need nature 🌱

My real focus now is me, and that means honouring what I want and need to do in order to reach my full potential. I yearn to see and do more with every day that passes, and I am not comfortable with the world just passing me by.

Contentment is not enough, the goal is joy.

Whilst I have this fire in my belly, I’m planning; I’m working hard, building security and confidence, so that when I’m ready I can do whatever it is that I need to do… and I won’t know what that is until the time is right.

No sky is too high anymore.

Lots of love,


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