Just a little pre warning, images featured in this post are taken on my iPhone XS as ‘professional’ cameras were not allowed in The O2.

Guess who’s been on another adventure… ME!

Gemma and I set off to London for two nights on Tuesday and now that I’m home and on a post gig comedown, I figured I should tap out a few words about our therapeutic midweek trip.

About a year ago Gemma and I were sat in the car at a petrol station in Lordshill, Southampton when we saw on Instagram (probably) that one of our favourite artists was going on tour. We wasted no time getting our tickets! We signed up for early release access and even set alerts on our phones to remind us to get on the site before they went live; we absolutely HAD to see the wonder that is Shawn Mendes.

In the year that followed the pair of us laughed, cried, screamed and sat silently whilst listening to albums Handwritten, Illuminate and Shawn Mendes, just as we did before but now with the knowledge we would get to hear the songs we love live in the same room as someone we both massively admire.

So, Wednesday night we sat in The O2 Arena full of anticipation. What will the first song be? Do we have a good view? Is he as good live as recorded?

Lost In Japan. Yes. YES.

The room was packed with adoring fans both young and old, all full of #Youth and passion for music and life. As mentioned, we had pretty spectacular seats. We were not on the floor but the first section of the tier looking directly at the stage! A huge glowing rose stood tall in the centre of the room with what looked like a stage surrounding it, so when Shawn ran into the crowd just past our seats and climbed the steps to the stage just a few metres away from us… well we were happy to say the least.

The vocals were stunning which was to be expected, but the detail that went into production really blew me away. Upon arrival all attendees were given a plain white wrist band with some kind of mechanism inside; I’ve been to a fair few gigs and never had one of these before. WELL, the whole arena was pretty damn excited when mid song everyone’s bands lit up! An epic cheer rang through the room and throughout the whole performance our wristbands were part of the production, turning the same colour and the huge glowing rose. Epic.

We spent about 4 hours with thousands of other fans of all different ages, screaming songs we know like the back of our hands. It was magical and I am so freaking lucky to have experienced it. I currently do not have the words to express what the night meant to me, but being with my bestfriend on another adventure is pretty epic so add our favourite artist into the mix and you’re onto a winner.

I’ve added some photos below for you to get a feel of the atmosphere in the room. It was electric and we were all captivated.

It’s really important to add that Alessia Cara was the supporting act and she is also a huge favourite of ours! Some of you will know that I’m a bit of a Disney geek. Scratch that, I’m practically a Disney Princess. Alessia Cara recorded the song ‘How Far I’ll Go’ for the movie ‘Moana’; another thing some of you may know is that I am in love with the Ocean. It is my home and it calls me. Well, it calls Moana too and that’s (kind of) what the song is about. That night I felt real life Disney Magic.

Aside from seeing two wonderful artists, Gemma and I spent 2 nights pampering ourselves at The Radisson Blu Hotel. We arrived late Tuesday night after a fairly trying day for the pair of us; after a long drive we enjoyed steaming hot baths, hair and face masks as well as a wee bit of nail polish to get us all set for a day in London and the gig.

I was shocked that we didn’t stir until gone 9am the following morning, but we obviously needed the kip so continued our lazy morning and just enjoyed the freedom.

The weather was a blessing and made our (very expensive!!!) breakfast overlooking The O2 even more spectacular.

After breakfast we headed back to the room to get ourselves ready for a day on The Thames having decided we would do a river cruise.

Starting at Greenwich Pier we floated up The Thames to Westminster where we contemplated getting off having been on the boat for well over an hour, however we had to get back to our hotel for pre-gig drinks and preparations, so stayed put until we arrived back in Greenwich.

And that is when our magical evening started. We enjoyed cocktails and good food followed by heartwarming music. It was an evening that will no doubt stay in our memories forever.

We’re already planning our next escape and I’m sure you’ll hear all about it soon.

Until next time, I highly recommend listening to the below as an entry to these incredible young artists, but I’ve also linked both of their most recent albums. You can thank me later ❤

Alessia Cara

Shawn Mendes

Lots of love,


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