To Make Noise (Sing)

If you have not heard Hozier’s new album, why not? Go and listen to it right now and that is a direct order from… someone with no control over your actions whatsoever. The whole album is wonderful but I particularly love ‘To Make Noise (Sing)’; it captures my current outlook on life beautifully and has been a daily reminder to carry on singing my own song.

This year I have learnt that it is so important to speak your own truth in whatever form it may come. The past year has been so so good to me, what with travelling to incredible countries and really feeling a connection to my family again (which, to be honest, had been distant for quite some time). These blessings have given me a real sense of self love and care, space to grow and time explore who I am and what I want from this world… and you know what? I feel rather spectacular right now.

Some things I’ve been concentrating on have kind of taken over my life. Work has been very go go go since I’ve been back from Canada so I feel like I’ve been putting a lot of effort into making sure I make the most of being at home.

My camera has been dusted off after sitting pretty for couple of weeks when I got home as Mum and I have been on a decorating mission. We’ve done my room and are now planning the hallway and lounge revamps.

Another huge focus for me in the last month or so has been health. I really got in to my Yoga practice whilst living in Nanaimo and didn’t want to forget about it when I got home. Well, it’s certainly been something that’s sat on the back burner but it’s never been forgotten. I’m still practising 3 times a week and spending as much time in nature as I possibly can; cramming in country walks between work hours and household chores is tricky but definitely worth it. Whilst the physical side of getting back to my peak health blossoms, so does the nutritional aspect of it all. I’ve been using an app called NutraCheck and it has totally changed my relationship with food for the better. Here’s to smashing health goals in 2019 ❤

I thought it might be nice for you to see some photos of the last 6 weeks or so. We’ve been to some beautiful little spots, with frequent visits to Dibden Inclosure, Beaulieu and Lepe (and we even popped to Exbury Gardens just before Mother’s day!). Being out in The New Forest every weekend has really allowed us to see Spring come into it’s own. Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of year; the phenomenal changes our planet goes through in these periods are very comforting and soothe any worries of personal change I may have. Take comfort the way nature mirrors human development and let your life flow organically through it’s different seasons. You’ll have a much better time if you surrender and have faith. Just spend time nurturing new ‘life’.

ANYWAY, below are some pretty flowery snaps, alongside family and friends who have been making my time at home feel yummy. Enjoy!

If you put positive energy into the world you will get it back. You may not see or feel it right away, but believe in your spirituality and allow it to manifest good things into your life… don’t ever lose faith.

Lots of love,

Courtney xo












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