A Day In The City & A Chit-Chat

Wednesday of last week took us to Vancouver. It felt so good to be back in the city. Although I’m much more of a country and seaside kinda girl, the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver did remind me of Southampton on it’s busier days.

We woke up early to catch the 8:25 ferry from Departure Bay to Horseshoe. The ferry takes about 2 hours to cross so I wasn’t all that worried about being up so early. With time to wake up my mind, body and face… well, I was calm about the whole thing. I spent a small amount of time writing and stretching out my sleepy limbs before we covered the vessel with our footprints. There are some lovely clothes in the gift shop but when it’s $10 for a bog standard pencil, you can imagine how much the cashmere poncho I fell in love with costs!

Sadly it wasn’t a clear day, but we did still go out to the top deck anyway. Obviously I was hoping to see a whale or too but of course that didn’t happen. We did get to see the sun rise over the city though whilst exploring the top deck.

Upon arriving in Vancouver we grabbed out city wide day pass and hopped on a few buses to get to Capilano, North Van; home to the infamous Capilano Suspension Bridge. We were incredibly disappointed to learn that the tickets were 50 bucks each. I’m short on cash and Spencer doesn’t love extortion so we hopped right back on the next bus and over to Gastown. To get to Gastown we got to take the water Taxi across from North Van. Everyone knows I love boats so yeah, it was cool 🤗 But more than that, seeing the Van City skyline creep towards you, flanked by moody winter skies and a constant flow of seaplanes as you’re being rocked side to side was… awesome. I would like to insert a picture for you, but the windows were so filthy my phone couldn’t pick anything other than fingers prints up!

Pictured above: North Van suburb

Oh yeah! I was without my camera for two whole weeks and was not happy about it one bit. I seem to have left it in our Tofino Airbnb, and despite my greatest efforts I was unable to retrieve it. A new charger was ordered and I’ve been reunited with my missing limb.

Anyway, when in Gastown we were desperate for some food to made our way to the Old Spaghetti Factory for Lasagne and Pina Coladas.

There are so many cool buildings, signs and restaurants down that street; a main attraction being the steam clock originally installed when the town was home to functioning steam trains.

Soon we were on the outskirts of tent city (the homeless community in Van) and it was time to reroute to China Town. I confess that the China Town in Victoria, Van Island is much more impressive, but it is a good thing to see all the same!

Then we walked, and walked, and walked some more. Basically we walked until our feet ached enough to jump on the Canada Line. Next on our hit list was Granville Island, a busy marketplace stocked full of all kinds of edible goodies! From the intriguing seafood sector to the vibrant fruit and vegetable stands, there really is something for everyone. BUT, if you’re not looking to go shopping don’t worry because all of your senses are sure the be stimulated without you needing to reach into your purse. With the scent of freshly brewed coffee beans, the hum of fragrant pollen floating around and a wide selection of free samples from meat and homemade pudding stalls alike, you really are in for a treat.

After nabbing a hot chocolate and a lemon square (to die for! I highly recommend finding The Lemon Square cart), we took a teeny tiny boat over to the Aquatic Centre for our last stint of walking. We walked the beach with aching feet and checked out the beautiful driftwood and clear waters the Aquatic Centre has to boast.

The rain arrived and it was time to get going. With a colourful sunset seeing us onto the ferry and a day of A LOT of walking behind us, we were very ready to be home. Ferry burgers scoffed and we were nearing the harbour… sadly we were sitting ducks for about 40 minutes because someone couldn’t open the door. Like the main door. YAY. When we finally docked we waited what seemed like a lifetime to get a taxi. It was a tiring end to the day.

This time next week I will be home with my mum and brothers just chilling my socks off after a day of decorating and another day of blind shopping. You heard me! Mum has agreed to help me wallpaper the last wall in my room. It was never my intention to wallpaper my room but I’m annoying and it’s the easiest way to solve the problem that I’ve created. I’ll take the blame on this one for sure.

In my next post I’ll be writing a bit on Ammonite falls, maybe the start of our Vancouver city trip too. Until then I’ll be sending you all my love.

Hugs and kiss,

Courtney xo

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