It’s All Change

It was the day that had been looming over us from the moment Gemma arrived and I was not a happy bunny. Gemma would be leaving that afternoon so we had a few things to get checked off the list before she made her way to the Airport.

First was to drop the car off at the Nanaimo airport so we rushed around getting ourselves ready, packing our cases and trying to shove in some food before we said goodbye to our little Airbnb forever (well, until next time at least!). There were many reasons I’d miss the Airbnb: the super homey decor, tonnes of snacks and control over the TV; but most of all I’d miss having my very own bed. Back at the Dutchak’s I’m sharing a room with my cousin, Spencer. That means I’m sleeping on an air bed and whilst it’s comfy, it’s not a proper mattress and my back KNOWS it! So yeah, the memory foam was going to be missed.

Taking our time loading up the car was a tactic, we wanted to kill as much time as possible as Apple maps the night before had let us know it’s only a 12 minute drive to the rental office at the airport. WRONG. Try 22. We still had to get gas so we attempted to find a pump stop quickly. Well we found one and after driving in the wrong way and taking 5 minutes to work the machine, were well on our way with a tank full of gas.

Waving farewell to our silly little car was a bit emotional, it had carried us safely (?) through the mountains and back, listened to our less than perfect singing, and not complained about either of our farts.

Sandra had offered to pick us up from the airport so we waited patiently until she arrived. We chattered and laughed on the way back to the house, relaying our stories from the week.

When at the house we picked up Ali and Spencer. The second thing on the agenda was one other spot I wanted Gemma to see before she went home. Neck Point! I won’t bore you with the details as you’ve had the low down on that park before, but I’m pretty sure Gemma loved it and it was just as beautiful as before… just slightly colder.

Wrapped up warm on the couch in Spencer’s room we binged watched The Office one last time as it’s not available in The UK. Later, we all sat around the table eating a ham roast. It was so nice to have everyone sat around chatting, and my family loved Gemma which is always nice 💕

It was time for Gemma to leave, the cab was due any second so I slipped into my shoes and waited outside with her. Saying goodbye was horrible and I got a wee bit upset. After waving her off I went inside and shed a teeny tear or two; I was now feeling terribly homesick.

For the next few days, Spencer and I just totally chilled out. It turns out that I’d been warding off a sickness the whole time Gemma was out here with me, so the day after she left I just totally gave in to being ill.

Of course, I didn’t stay in bed for long and we were out exploring again in no time.

Lots of love,


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