Kennedy Lake

I’m mostly gonna skip to the good bits in this next post because I’m really behind and don’t want a Bali repeat whereby I’m super late finishing off the account of the trip SO, we didn’t do loads the following day and it wasn’t really our fault. We wanted to hit up as many of the spots recommended to us by gas station guy so we had made arrangements to visit Florencia Bay, a beach supposedly shrouded by incredibly high cliffs. When we arrived at the parking lot it became apparent that we needed to purchase a park pass. We had already spent too much money on day passes (which we didn’t realise could’ve been used here too, doh!) so opted to give it a miss and just stop wherever we fancied that had free or cheap parking.

We had seen a few stops on the way to the Tofino-Ucluelet HW and I managed to convince Gemma to head back into the mountains to check one of them out. I pulled up the route to Kennedy Lake and Gemma reluctantly started the car.

We missed the many turnings a handful of times, stopped in the middle of the road to take a picture and managed to do a U turn before anyone killed us 🤗

The relief we felt when we actually parked up was great; there is no way we could’ve taken ANOTHER missed turned. We hopped out of the car excitedly and rushed down to the lake. Little bit of inside info for you, we both really needed a wee. Initially I felt like we were rushing the stop so tried to take my time despite being desperado for the loo.

Kennedy Lake is crazy pretty and I so wish it had been a clear day, sadly it was overcast but still very very lovely to view. The water was so clear and I still can’t get over the water here. I can’t help thinking about how polluted our seas are back home 😔 After a little fannying around and making silly videos with Gem, the need for wee was almost unbearable but I really wanted a picture stood on one of the rocks.

Now, just before I waded out into the lake, Gemma and I had agreed we would go back to the Airbnb to grab some beach towels as we SO wanted to go for a swim. Being aware it’s January and the middle of winter we were expecting it to be a bit bloody cold.

When I reached the rock I couldn’t feel my feet. No I actually couldn’t feel them and at this stage I had only gone in just about the ankles! I advised Gemma it was possibly too cold to swim but bizarrely she was the one calling me out for being scared and well, I wasn’t having that so I took off my leggings and got in. It was freezing. I couldn’t feel my toes and my legs went a weird shade of purple-red, probably wouldn’t recommend it to another living soul. But, we both did it and neither of us regret a thing… see below, we were having a great time being cold.

The next 5 minutes was a bit of a scramble because we had heard a car pull up so were desperately trying to put our clothes back on whilst sandy and wet, oh and we had no feeling in our lower legs… yay!!!

Safely back in the car we ramped the heat right up. I started to regain feeling in my toes which was good; a small part of me was worried I’d be losing a few of them.

We went home to shower and chill out, but when we were both dressed we really didn’t want to be stuck inside. The sky was clearing and it was our last night before heading back to Nanaimo. With our time in Tofino coming to an end we spent the evening doing a short boardwalk (the longer ones were all closed due to storm damage) and then down in the town. We did our last grocery shop at the local Co-Op, wandered the bay trying really hard to see some whales, and sat beneath a totem pole soaking up the free spirit of Tofino for the last time. I was yet to see the town in the evening and I’m really pleased we got to. When the sun starts to set, the lanterns and fairy lights all come on and golden hour illuminates the wooden buildings, big trucks and mountain tops with a warm glow… it’s just really magical.

It was a perfect way to spend our last evening and felt very bittersweet.

Lots of love,


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