That Reminds Me of Home

The next morning was pretty chilled. We were moving onto our next Airbnb so had to be out by 11, but since adopting an early morning routine we were fine with that. We spent a couple of hours feeding our Netflix addiction… more specifically The Office addiction. Fun fact for you, I started writing this 2 days ago and as soon as I wrote ‘The Office’ I stopped writing and binge watched for the rest of the day 👍

Anyway, we scoffed some grangran (my affectionate name for granola, obviously), loaded up the car and although we were ready early we made a move. We chose the Lighthouse Loop as our first walking spot of the day but wanted to get gas before we got out of town. You may or may not be surprised to learn that Gemma was a wee but nervous about filling up the car… and with good reason apparently, because APPARENTLY there are diesel only stations here and we decided to go to one when we needed regular gas so that was the first error.

To be fair there was only one error but when we were finally at a station that had what we needed, we spent such a long time sat in the car at the pump that a guy came out and showed Gemma how to use it. He was SO sweet and had us chatting for a long while. This wonderful man pulled us both out the car and whipped out a map. He circled must see spots and drew the best routes to take. There is so much kindness here; everyone wants to help you and everyone wants you to enjoy their little slice of heaven.

We learned a lot from the gas station guy, not least that we were going completely in the wrong direction. So, by making our way back to Ukee we arrived at The Lighthouse Loop. The route takes you along a very scenic coastal path whilst keeping you covered by mammoth treetops. The one aspect that really sticks in my mind about that hike (aside from the hills) are the waves. The sheer power and aggression that each waves rolls in with is mind boggling. My travel buddy repeatedly declared that I have a problem and I need to calm down with the ocean loving, but you know what? Never. Everything about the ocean speaks to me in a way that I really can’t explain or even understand. Buuuut my best attempt is this; having grown up spending every summer by the seaside, rolling in the sand, playing in the sea and waking with so much love around me… being by the coast is always going to feel like home.

There were a number of benches dotted along the pathway which we took advantage of when in particularly beautiful locations. About halfway round Gemma spotted a memorial bench overlooking the bay at the highest point; it read ‘To the sea again..’. I felt very emotional and wondered what this lady was like, and in that moment I wanted nothing more than to sit with her there and talk about her life and her own ocean stories. It was a wonderful moment.

I didn’t get a picture of the bench, but have some shots of the walk.

We arrived back at the car HUNGRY. Our original plan had been to do a couple of walks that morning but it didn’t really go that way. We did make one more stop at a beach we saw a sign for on the road. It was completely covered in driftwood and whilst I did attempt to make my way over to the sand, Gemma had the right idea in staying put. After tripping a couple times I admitted defeat and just sat on a very large log watching the one crazy surfer in the water… 20 minutes laters we needed food to dashed to Tofino.

I had seen and heard about a restaurant called Shelter so we parked up and went inside.

The decor was homey. Lots of worn leather sofas and chairs, stained wooden walls and dark chandelier light fixtures. Chickens burgers on me, and damn they were good. But the main attraction seemed to be the waiter. I’m not one of these girls who gushes over random attractive strangers, but Gemma and I both agreed there was something special about this one. A few too many giggles later we ordered desert, devoured desert, then had just shy of 2 hours until check in. We did our shopping, by this point feeling like one of the locals, wandered the avenues down to the water to watched seaplanes and speed boats dart around, and the dove into a native art gallery. The art was gorgeous and I kept saying ‘ooo, mum would love that’… unfortunately I couldn’t even afford a reprint from the gift shop, but what can you do?

Okay so with 40 minutes to kill we just wanted to find somewhere to sit, chat and maybe plan the next day. We settled on the Skatepark as there was loads of seating around it and it was pretty dead aside from 3 guys.

A fairly unspectacular bandstand type thing sits just next to the ramps so we plopped our butts down there. I tirelessly scrolled through all of the photos on my camera (I’ve been taking SO many photos, I’ll do an album at the end of the trip with my best shots) and then we were casual onlookers to the skaters. I even let Gemma play around with some light settings on the camera and take a photo of me.

The sound of skateboard wheels made me terribly homesick. When I’m huddled up in my room, maybe singing, cleaning or doodling and I hear those wheels coming down the road it means Kamron is on his way home. I don’t know if I’m just too sentimental but it was such a homey sound and bam, like that I missed my crazy crew.

We arrived at our Airbnb spot on 3:59pm (check in was 4pm). Pulling up the Airbnb app I scrambled for the message re getting in. There was supposed to be a lock box with a key inside, I had the code and was entering said code but the box would not open. Both Gemma and I tried to get into the blasted thing for about 5 minutes and then it was suggested that I simply try the door. Of course it was unlocked. No one locks their houses or cars here.

Safely inside with cases in tow, we were struck by just how cool and modern the house was. I mean from the exterior it’s super modern and seems to be located in a fairly affluent part of Tofino, but neither of us were expecting anything quite this pristine.

I took the more ‘rustic’ of the two bedrooms (it had a wooden table, I’m running with it) and we dotted our clothes and electricals, oh and my growing collection of stones, about the place to make it feel a wee bit more like home for the duration of our stay.

My room did open out onto the back patio which was pretty cool but also creepy at night, we later discovered.

We cooked steak and potatoes for tea and binge watched that Ted Bundy programme on Netflix. When it was time for bed we were trying not to be concerned about potential serial killers outside my door! Gemma and I sleep with our doors open so we can here each other, or rather so I can hear her snoring. I hope that’s not a habit we keep up when we live together 😂 Having said that, I really love chatting to her from across the hall. It’s a fun way to discuss our Paris plans, hehe.

I think that’s enough for now, I’m tired y’all! But I’m going to leave you with a song that’s just popped up on my Spotify.

Bloom by The Paper Kites. It’s a really sweet song and no longer makes me cry. I hope you enjoy it ☀️

Lots of love,

Courtney xo

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