Mountain Bound… no, I really am this time!

‘Sunday morning, rain is falling’… but it was not, and my hiking trainers were back on.

So far our trips out have been unplanned and attacked with an ‘ahh, wing it’ attitude; however Spencer took it upon himself to set out what we were doing on Sunday to drag me out of my previously mentioned hibernation.

Well it worked and despite having to stop a couple of times to so the standard ‘period pain squat’, it was a walk packed full of stunning lake views and great conversation.

Sandra took us out to Westwood Lake around midday and left us there to do our thing for a few hours. I get the impression not everyone loves walking as much as I do, but I’m convinced it’s because they’re used to seeing these picturesque scenes near on daily.

Westwood Lake is dog and child friendly; dogs can be anywhere if kept on a leash (but there is one leash free zone for them to explore about halfway round!) and we saw a number of people pushing pushchairs around the trail. It starts as a boardwalk running parallel to the lake then takes the form of an even surfaced dirt path. If you stick to the trail you’ll walk just under 4 miles, so it is by no means a tricky one… or at least, it doesn’t have to be!

Now we were good, we made it most of the way around the lake before veering off into the wilderness. We saw a million moss covered trees, fallen trunk laid floating in the lake, and rushing rivers polishing any and all rocks that stand in it’s path.

As we neared the last stretch of the trail, we saw a sign which read ‘rock bluffs’. We didn’t know what that was so followed the sign. We ended up climbing the cliff face which was insane. Anyone who knows me also knows how clumsy I am… didn’t fall once, didn’t die.

The higher we climbed the more breath taking the view became. Spencer and I decided we’ll be buying property around the lake. Imagine swimming every day in a beautiful lake, hiking all year round (maybe not in the rain and snow). Dreams.

Enough of my warbling, I’ll let the photos do the talking…

When we reached the highest point (literally, we could not climb any higher!), the views were spectacular. Naturally we had to have some ‘look I’ve actually been here’ pics!

I’m really funny about having my picture taken because I’m usually the one behind the camera and have a particular idea about how I’d like a shot to look. Luckily Spencer was okay with me giving him some direction so I allowed some snapping.

Dinner was hamburgers and they were rad. Sourced from the local butchers mentioned before, I felt good knowing where our food was coming from.

I slept pretty early and whined about being in pain. In fact that actually made up all of Monday too. Periods suck. UNTIL!! Gemma arrived. Gemma arrived at our Airbnb around 9pm. I’d been there chilling out since 7ish so just enjoyed settling. I also had the most relaxing bath and singalong 🥰

The Airbnb was really stylish and right next to the harbour. The whole place was light and airy and really well stocked with goodies! Our beds were SO comfy and it was amazing to sleep in a real bed.

When Gemma arrived I was SO excited and we even had a hug (we don’t hug, ew, weird). We caught up and settled into bed for a good nights sleep and woke up feeling very refreshed and ready for the adventure.

Called a cab, picked up the car/sat in the car for 30 minutes trying to figure our PRNDL), dropped off crumpets to Spencer, picked up a Timmy’s and set off!

We had quite the day of adventures and I look forward to telling you all about it!

Lots of love,

Courts xo

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