Neck Point Park

How is it Sunday already?? This weekend has gone so quickly and I am incredibly excited for the upcoming week as Gemma arrives tomorrow, which means we can get ready to start our road trip to Ucluelet and Tofino… yay!

The weekend has been wonderful. Yesterday started with a Costco visit as I needed beef jerky (my new and unhealthy obsession) and tampons. We ended up with a lot more in the cart than that, but at Costco you always do!

We then picked Spencer up on the way to Neck Point. It’s a lovely park next to Piper’s Lagoon and looks A LOT different with no ice and snow! Most of the way round in paved out, or laid out with boardwalks making it great for families or people after an easy stroll.

Buuuut Spencer and I like to off-road which is, of course, what we did 👊

We clambered over the rocks to emerald waters dotted with driftwood and seals. Then through spindly tree trunks (glorified sticks) and muddy forest floors in search of any winged creature willing to show itself… sadly I didn’t managed to snap a picture of the seals or the birds BUT they were there and they were awesome.

I did get a load of scenic photographs though, so have a little goosey gander at my chosen few below, if you fancy.

After our walk we took a trip to Bulk Barn and a local, family run Butchers. I have never seen so much meat, nor such a selection and I sure do know a few home chefs who would have a field day in there. We didn’t buy anything but it was great to have a mooch.

When we arrived home I began the period hibernation process and you really do hate to see it. The process involves PJ’s, neon gummy worms and a few bits of beef jerky, but not before dinner.

Dinner was another adventurous one for me. Yep, more seafood. Scallops were on the menu and whilst I’ve always wanted to give them a go, I’ve not been brave enough. Now I didn’t hate them but they were not as good as the Salmon. I felt there wasn’t much flavour to them and they had a weird texture but I ate them all and enjoyed the lovely parsnip purée Sandra made too.

I spent the remainder of the evening eating my body weight in gummies and having Spencer glance at me with concern every so often and ask if I was okay. I snuggled in a HUGE dressing gown and started watching The Office for the first time. It was a good start to the hibernation.

Today has maybe been my favourite hike of all so I can’t wait to tell you all about that tomorrow, no doubt whilst I wait for Gemma to arrive at our Airbnb.

For now, as always, I love you and miss you all dearly. I can’t wait to hug everyone in a month or so.

Hugs and kisses,

Courts xo

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